Sewaholic Thurlow Trousers Review

I made trousers! And they fit!


I really struggle with trousers, as I have a small waist and sway back, but rather large ‘athletic’ hips and thighs (a fair description; I’m very sporty. Although not right now, as I ruptured my achilles last night at a badminton match!). So finding ready-to-wear trousers that fit is nigh on impossible: when they fit my hips they swamp my waist, but I can’t get ones that’d fit my waist over my thighs!

However, the Sewaholic Thurlow Trousers are designed for a pear shape (they would also fit a less-curvy shape) as they have an adjustment at the centre back, which is the last thing you alter to get your perfect fit.

I shortened them by 10cm at the shorten/lengthen line, and still had quite a bit to turn up at the hem, so they are really long! I’m 5’4″ for reference. After checking the sizing chart, measuring the pattern pieces, and comparing them to my new trouser block (I’d been on a course the week before I attempted these), I made them in a size 6 at the waist and hips (I measure 28″ waist and 39″ hips), however they’re meant to be rather flared, but I feel that style doesn’t suit me, so I made them more straight-legged.


The construction of the pockets went well, although I realised afterwards that I’d attached the facings the wrong side up on the front ones, but hey-ho, that’s not a major problem as no-one else sees them (well, apart from you reading this blog, but I bet you wouldn’t’ve noticed if I hadn’t told you!) and certainly wasn’t worth getting my seam ripper out for.


I found most of the written instructions straightforward, but I discovered a fabulous sew-along from Lauren on which I followed practically to the letter – especially for the welt pockets on the back, which I hadn’t made before.


I was so engrossed in Lauren’s sew-along (and chuckling away at her quirky turn of phrase) that I completely ignored the written instructions for sewing the fly! Anyway, it turned out perfectly.


After I’d sewn the fronts to the backs and attached the waist band, the one-before-last stage was adjusting the centre back seam. When you’re sewing the backs together, you have to deliberately leave a good few inches open ready for this step. As you can see from my (sideways-on) photo, I took it in a few times to get THE perfect fit.


I’d not made belt loops before, but they were easier than I expected, and you machine them on, rather than hand-sew them, so that’s a win in my opinion.


The fabric I’ve used is a speckled wool mix from Fabworks and the facings are made with left-over fabric that I had from when I made the Sew Over It Pussy Bow Blouse that I’m also wearing here. I can’t wait to make a summery version of the trousers in a cotton fabric. This is definitely a pattern I’ll re-use again and again.

So, here I am showing off my derriere in these fabulous trousers; it’s wonderful being able to wear a belt purely for decoration, rather than to hold them up!


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